Private Duty Meets Unique Needs with Specialized Care

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Every person’s needs are unique . Private Duty care meets those needs with specialized services designed around your lifestyle. Private Duty nursing services help you maintain the lifestyle your accustomed to living.  Private Duty Nursing can help in situations such as:

Someone who needs more interaction

  • Have newspapers/mail read to them
  • Mildly depressed from being along all day
  • Loss of interest in their favorite activity
  • Share a holiday with a companion
  • Loss of significant other

SOLUTION: Companionship Services

Maintaining Basic Nutritional Needs

  • Customized meals according to client needs
  • Encouraging fluid Intake
  • Grocery store outing with transportation provided
  • Personal grocery shopping

SOLUTION: Meal Preparation 

Encourage compliance with medications

  • AM and PM reminders
  • Complimentary pill box organizer
  • Preferred Provider Program (reconciling medications)
  • RN set up *based on availability
  • Automatic medication dispenser available for purchase

SOLUTION: Medication Reminder Service 

Freedom to enjoy activities outside of the home

  • Salon/Barber visits, doctor visits
  • Religious services and social activities
  • HOME 2 Program

SOLUTION: Transportation

Personal attendee to provide services for client/caregiver relief

  • Personal hygene care provided as needed
  • Special attention to caregiver personality traits
  • Specialized training provided to caregivers re: safe trainers
  • Hospice adjunct to any hospice client

SOLUTION: Caregiver 

Proactive approach of reducing ER and hospital stays

  • Minimal costs per day
  • Oxygen, weight and blood preassure monitored daily by RN
  • Reinforces medication and diet compliance
  • Preventative/proactive approach by an RN monitoring vitals each day – from our office.

SOLUTION: Telemonitor

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