Photo of Steve and Mark Tamboli

Owners Steve Tamboli and Mark Tamboli

My brother Steve and our Mom, Mary started out staffing Nurses and C.N.A.’s for Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Back then, it was cost effective for hospitals and nursing homes to use agencies like Algonquin Nurses.

I then joined them in 1990, to establish and manage the Medicaid and Private Duty Division. In 1992 our sister Anne came on board to establish and manage the Medicare Skilled Nursing Department. Since then, Anne retired and we sold our Medicare division.

Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care I, LLC had grown into three divisions – Private Duty, VA Attendance Services, MO-Health Net / Medicaid Homecare Programs, Title 19, CDS Program, (Consumer Directive Services), HCY program, (Healthy Children Youth), etc.

Our goal is to keep a loved one in their home as long as possible by offering services that will do just that. We are there for them to value their independence of remaining in their own home. We will work with them to create a care plan that meets their individual needs and unique situations.

When you need In-home care, you do have a choice. Algonquin Nurses was started with the goal of providing quality in-home care for your loved ones.


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Algonquin Nurses home health services are guided by the agency mission and philosophy statement. The mission and philosophy statement is used as the basis for developing and maintaining the agency’s home health care services.


Our mission: To provide for the effective and efficient delivery of health care and health-related services in areas of identifiable need, for the benefit of individuals, family, and society.

The agency is dedicated to providing either directly or through contractual agreement, high quality nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work services, and home health aid services to individuals of all ages regardless of national origin, race, religion, sex, handicaps, or financial status.


Serve people without regard to race, religion, sex or age.

Assure the spiritual freedom of all people and not impose our beliefs upon them.
We have an obligation to recognize medical-ethical issues and to promote our Code of Conduct to assist individuals & professionals in their resolution of them.

Our concern for whole persons and their families extends beyond our patients and includes our employees, physician, and volunteers and community.
In ministering to individuals and society, we have a commitment to effectively organize and direct our resources to provide quality cost-effective health care delivery systems.

The philosophy of the home health care agency, based on the above assumptions, stipulates that each home health care patient:

  • Desires home health care of services that promote the patient’s value of life by:minimizing negative patient illness and disability outcomes; maximizing potential patient level-of-independence outcomes; restoring, maintaining and promoting patient health
  • Possesses unique physiological, safety, psychological, self-esteem and self-actualization needs that require consideration in the patient’s plan of home health care.
  • Makes choices and decisions about the provision of home health care services relative to the patient’s self-defined unique needs and according to the patient’s personal beliefs and values.
  • Exerts personal control over the patient’s personal life in collaborating with home health care staff members regarding the provisions of services.