We Deliver Medicaid Services Throughout the St. Louis Metro.

The Medicaid program for the state of Missouri is called “MO-Health Net”. The purpose of the MO-Health Net Division is to purchase and monitor health care services for low income and vulnerable Citizens of the State of Missouri.

Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care I , LLC delivers care throughout the metro area under this program. Our clients receive care as authorized by the Department of Health and Senior Services and Division of Senior and Disability Services.

Algonquin Nurses provides services for Medicaid Title 19 clients, Medicaid Waiver and Specialty Programs designed according to the needs of the client. This would include Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), Consumer Directed Services (CDS), Aids/HIV Waiver Services, and Healthy Child and Youth (HCY).

Algonquin Nurses also provides services through the VA Attendant and Home- Chore Program with the Veterans Administration; however this is not Medicaid authorized.

Our staff in the Medicaid Division of Algonquin Nurses is State Medicaid Certified and trained. They believe and respect the rights of individuals to have a choice in their own decision to live independently and freely. Our Administrative and support staff who work directly with our clients are dedicated to serve the elderly, disabled, children youth, low income and VA consistently in their homes and communities.

Algonquin Nurses will coordinate care between your physician and the Department of Health and Senior Services, along with Division of Senior and Disability Services or other programs as authorized by the State Medicaid program. We are a member of the MO Council for In-Home Services and our industry works closely with MO Legislators which includes Senators, State Representatives and even the Governor’s office to improve the services for our Clients in the community where they reside.

Our Medicaid Division Staff, (Nurses, Home Care Aides, Certified Nurses Aides (C.N.A.) provide services all of:

  • St. Louis County and City
  • St. Charles County
  • Lincoln County
  • Warren County
  • Jefferson County
  • Franklin County

Below are some common questions asked about Medicaid.

Can your Nurses Aides run errands for their clients?

Yes, Our nurses aides can run errands such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy, going to food establishments to pick up meals, etc., however this task must be an approved task on your medicaid care plan.

Are your nurse-aides permitted to transport their clients to the doctor, the store or to other appointments etc?

No, the Missouri Code of State Regulations for Medicaid prohibits nurse aides from transporting their clients. In simple terms the program is called In-Home Services, because the tasks are to be serviced in the home.

Can an aide stay overnight with client in their home?

Again, the Missouri Code of State Regulations prohibits the aide from residing with the client. Clients always have the option of paying for this service is that is the immediate need, and this is offered through our Private Support Division (see the private pay section)

How many hours of service can I qualify for and how do I go about obtaining Medicaid Services?

This depends on the level of calculated care points and on several other factors. Monthly units (hours) will vary from client to client, and is determined at the time your assessment is completed by Department of Health and Senior Services and Division of Senior and Disability Services. You can can find out by calling 866-835-3505.

You may also contact Algonquin Nurses staffing division at (314) 822-8158 and we will assist you with this process by coordinating with the Department of Health and Senior Services and Division of Senior and Disability Services.

What other programs do Algonquin Nurses offer that will provide transportation?

The veterans Administration Homemaker Chore Program and/or attendant program, the Consumer Directed Program, Aids Waiver Program, Healthy Child Youth (HCY), and our Private Support Division allows this task (see private support section).

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